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Buying The Best Synthetic Urine Kit for Drug Tests Experts Tips

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Many people think that taking drugs doesn’t lead to a job loss, but fail to think about the aftermath of failing a drug test. You can however still enjoy your drugs while at the same time pass the drug test. One surefire trick of doing this is by using a synthetic urine kit. Sadly, buying the best fake pee can be easier said than done since the market is filled with scams. Read on as I take you through the best tips for choosing the synthetic urine kit.

Choose a Reputable Brand

star ratingThe first step towards ensuring that you pass your drug test is choosing a kit from a trusted brand like Quick Fix synthetic urine.According to this review of quick fix synthetic urine by Score Loop, this is the market leader when it comes to fake urine. The market is flooded with nasty fake urine kits with even some more prominent brands being faked. From an experts perspective, read the most comprehensive guide we’ve seen on the best synthetic urine at You have to keep a hawk eye when shopping around for a fake pee because your job could depend on it. Only settle for fake urine specially prepared to pass the drug test. You could even end up spending a few dollars more than you had initially budgeted.

Shelf Life

It’s very common nowadays for employers to ask for a drug test without giving you ample time to prepare. To stay on the safe side, always have an extra bottle of this great arsenal at your home. To avoid any last minute letdowns, make sure you purchase a synthetic urine kit with a long shelf-life by merely checking the expiry date. In addition, always make sure it’s replaced periodically with another fresh bottle.

Basic Ingredients

The type of essential ingredients making up your synthetic urine is also another critical point to consider. For instance, the product you buy should contain uric acid because it’s typically found in human urine and is among the first things to check during a drug test. All in all, the product you buy should indicate the available ingredients on the label. This will help you minimize any level of panic in case you aren’t sure of the results.

Check the pH, Temperature, and Gravity

thermometer readingAlways keep in mind that temperature can considerably change fake urine. For this reason, check how the brand might behave when exposed to a particular temperature limit. This is especially common with cold synthetic urine which can be problematic when changing the surrounding temperature to the usual 32-38 degrees. If you’re not sure about the eventual temperature changes, always go for the better option in warm urine.

The gravity and the pH values are also other important factors to consider when purchasing your synthetic urine kit. To make sure that you get non-suspicious results, the pH and gravity values have to maintain a specific range.

Kit Quality

If you don’t want to fail the drug test, going for a high-quality synthetic urine kit is undoubtedly the way to go. However, you should be prepared to part with a few more bucks, but the assurance you get will soften this blow.

Furthermore, always opt for a unisex kit instead of the sex-based ones. Research has revealed that this kind of kit is more reliable and trustworthy. All this is definitely for your good.

In conclusion, you should always be prepared to undergo a urinalysis test in case your employer asks you to. Passing this test might be your leeway to that long-awaited promotion or dream job. To avoid nervousness about any possible outcome, use this guide to select the perfect synthetic urine kit for you.

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