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How to Properly Sneak in Synthetic Urine to a Drug Test

So your next drug test is probably coming up in the next 48 hours, and you’ve taken the necessary step of arming yourself with fake urine. However, purchasing top-quality synthetic urine and sneaking it into the lab are two very different matters. You should know that if you get caught, you’ll be pretty embarrassed and screwed as well. Don’t even think about your jacket because you’ll be told to take it off. In this guide, we’ll give you some simple tips on how to properly sneak in synthetic urine to a drug test.

Wear a Stash Belt

clothing beltMany people prefer using a stash belt because of its convenient way of sneaking urine during a test. This dual-purpose belt will go a long way towards securing all your valuables and keeping your urine as warm as possible. Of course, you don’t want to get those degrees wrong. Another thing that it effectively does is keeping your hand warmer or heating pad from burning your leg. All in all, this’s a smart solution you can get to the most common method that involves tying your urine to the inner part of your thigh.


If there’s a method that has proved to be very successful over the years, then it’s taping. You only have to tie the urine sample in a flat container to your torso – directly above the vagina or penis. Don’t forget to wear loose pants to conceal the example correctly. Although you’ll be vigorously searched, you can rest assured that nobody will dare touch your crotch area. In conclusion, if you don’t have a stash belt, this should be your fall-back option.

Your Rectum

This’s also another common method especially among drug mules and has proved to be quite successful. Concealing the sample in your rectum will also ensure it stays within the right temperature. Quickly moving forward, you’ll need to retrieve it as soon as possible to avoid raising any red flags. The better part is that you’ll probably be alone in the restroom.

Storing it Between Dual Leggings or Jocks

This method is also another great alternative to the stash belt. Although wearing double layers can be less convenient and a bit constricting, it’s a great way of raising the overall body temperature. However, if you get too hot, this can lead to sweating and looking uncomfortable. You definitely wouldn’t like to look nervous to your test administrators, do you?

Use a Synthetic Urine Device

urine in containerNow that you already have a clue about how synthetic urine can help you out, the next question is about the kind of product to buy/use. With the market filled with lots of brands, choosing one that perfectly suits your needs could pose a challenge.

To begin with, you should always carry out your research, since you’re not the first one to use these products during a drug test. That being said, there’re lots of online reviews with real people who have first-hand experience.

Just remember that you’ll encounter some bad reviews, but that shouldn’t deter you from finding the best device. Also, beware of those unknown or super cheap synthetic urine brands as they might be expired, fake, or contain the compromised sample. The guys at Score Loop have compiled this list of some of the leading fake pee brands that you can consider for your next text. I find their list the most complete and you can try some of the pees they suggest.

Hopefully, circumventing your drug test will not put you into loggerheads with your employment terms and even lead to criminal charges. This aside, all of the above hacks have been tried and tested before. Just pick one and expect nothing but passing your piss test.